Manufacture of diamond apparatus for metal powder sintering

Nowadays, diamond equipment used in the production of metal powder is varied powder – miss only cobalt powder. Cobalt powder in the sintered diamond apparatus used alone, without adding any additional powder

Manufacture of diamond tools for metal powder sintering

Manufacture of diamond tools for metal powder sintering

Mixed metal powder composition as the use of diamond kit and different Understandably, when the diamond maxim scalpel when cutting difficult granite metal powder and assortment needful for cutting young marble is different also, arduous steel for honing and condiment diamond kit used in silicon carbide grinding wheel condiment utensils essential for both Metal powders are different. But not only is adamant by the use of metal hydride powder composition. Conditions for the use of diamond instruments entrust moreover affect the option of binder components For example, cutting the drive shaft of the mechanism tightness of the binder composition utensils retain a goodly collision Here it is impossible to form out the varying diamond equipment needed metal bondDiamond tools, sintered metal powder consumption of the largest dirk Therefore, this device only saying the production of metal necessary agent used in the contention Diamond epigram blade manufacture of the most commonly used metal powder are as follows: cobalt, copper, tin, iron, nickel, tungsten, tungsten carbide, chromium, bronze, precious metals (zinc, manganese, silicon, silver, titanium) the use of the leading diamond saying knife the succeeding three aspects: 1. cutting young kernel such as marble (2) cutting strenuous follower such as granite 3 processing of other abrasive materials such as asphalt, obstinate clay, concrete, etc.For more than three uses, the lapsed supplementary or less kukri binders contain cobalt Previously, the saying kukri cutting abrasive materials bonded mainly bronze or copper / tin-based add some more or less cobalt The mixture of cutting arduous materials contrast agent, cobalt-based fresh or less in order to add some copper / tin or bronze. Very tall on abrasive granite, plus a minor figure of cobalt or tungsten carbide Cutting abrasive materials, thumping unsusceptible to use a combination of agents, usually tungsten, tungsten carbide or tungsten carbide shy As the tungsten carbide / tungsten carbide cobalt binder in the composition of a incipient trend, matching to the sintering temperature is besides fresh demanding, so the appendage of a digit of bronze or copper / tin alloy, diamond sintering temperature can be controlled in an filch rangeAs the prices of diamond axiom blade, diamond mechanism industry began several years ago to find the right materials to replace expensive cobalt powder, manganese powder especially the seed plant creation for obtain consumption 31 ~ mm width to trifling proverb blade, the prime use of cheaper iron base or nickel-based binder Professional manufacturer in the creation of cutting blades and abrasive materials, granite aphorism machete domain is conducted painstaking experiments to find more preference to cobalt metal powder, powder, or at least reduce the levels of cobalt powder. The testing of the iron-copper – cobalt or nickel-copper-iron powder mixture, in some cases, also tested the corresponding pre-alloyed powders, in particular, is acutely fine-grained pre-alloyed powders, can reduce the sintering temperature of the paragon received the effectBinder aspects of research and development to today, boron powder kinsfolk keep developed certain aspects of the cutting stunt than conventional cobalt-based binder cobalt-free or low-cobalt binder Figure 1 shows three different cobalt binder and a low-wear cobalt binder feat comparison Saw kukri breadth of 400mm four diamonds used are 4050 head, diamond sawing percentage 2.8mmin concentration of 22 18turn cutting depth of notch granite nut is BalticBrown. Four kinds of maxim blades in appendix to bond different from the desist are exactly the duplicate process conditions produced four binders are low cobalt binder DIA BA SEV18 ultrafine cobalt powder (08um) extra-fine cobalt powder (1.4um) Cobalt (4um) shows that low-cobalt pledge DIA BA SEV18 proverb kukri force consumption and the additional three or less, the wear stunt of the finest This assessment leads me to think that the future creation of diamond maxim blades, cobalt consumption can be reduced .

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